Lion Dance

lion dance
lion dance singapore
Singapore lion dance 

Lion Dance performance for opening ceremony of CKid Pte Ltd. Lion Dance performance in Opening ceremony is believed to bring prosperity to business owners for their new business/location. The lion dance plucking the green performance here signifies “步步高升” or to rise steadily. Most business owners prefer this performance as the significance is what business owners sought for their business- to rise steadily.

It is imperative for the lions to pass unpeeled oranges to audiences and the business owners to symbolize sharing of wealth, as the food is the currency of the lions. The lions will dance around the fruits platter like a curious cat, occasionally playing with the leafs and oranges. When the lion dance decides to consume it’s meal, the lion will pounce around it before actually sitting down and consume it’s meal.

Lion dance performances are usually carried out with the fur pants. Without the fur pants, it will not be as nice and the mascot will be incomplete. For more videos, check out our YouTube page.